Scaling and Root Planing

For the treatment of gum disease in its earliest stages, Dr. Ginsberg may recommend scaling and root planing, a non-surgical deep-cleaning procedure that allows for the removal of calculus build-up in the deep pockets formed as a result of gingivitis.

What Should You Expect?

Scaling and root planing are typically completed one quadrant at a time, but depending on your specific needs, may be completed in fewer visits. You can expect the area being worked on to be anesthetized locally to avoid any discomfort during the procedure. Dr. Ginsberg will utilize an ultrasonic instrument that uses high-frequency vibration and water pressure to dislodge and remove hardened calculus deposits in the pockets surrounding your teeth. Following this treatment, Dr. Ginsberg may also use a scaler, a sharp hand instrument used for the removal of tartar, to remove any stubborn deposits remaining. Mild to moderate bleeding during the procedure is typical and you may experience some soreness and/or sensitivity to hot or cold in the days immediately following scaling and root planing. Most of all, you can expect a significant reduction in your risk of developing further gum disease!