Pocket Reduction Treatment

For cases where pockets are too deep for scaling and root planing, Dr. Ginsberg may recommend pocket reduction treatment (also referred to as “flap surgery”), a moderate surgical procedure aimed to remove bacteria and reduce pocket length.

What Should You Expect?

Following delivery of a local or general anesthetic, Dr. Ginsberg will carefully lift back the affected gums to access and remove the calculus and bacteria located in the pockets surrounding the tooth. Depending on your case, the surface of the supporting bone or root may require smoothing in order to prevent gaps or crevices where bacteria can accumulate once the gums have healed. Once the procedure is completed and an anti-microbial agent is placed to prevent further infection and aid in recovery, the gums will be sutured to fit snugly around your tooth. Pocket reduction surgery will require follow-up exams with Dr. Ginsberg to remove the sutures and to ensure your gums are healing properly. Once your gums have fully healed and an at-home care regimen has been recommended, you can expect a healthier, happier smile!